1960’s Vintage Clothing

The 1960’s vintage clothing featured various trends. This was a decade where several fashion traditions were broken. During this period, culottes, go-go boots, PVC clothing such as the box shaped dresses were popular. In this decade, the bikini was also introduced. It was introduced in 1963.
the mini skirt

In the early 1960S, the mini-skirt was invented by Mary Quant. Around that time, Jackie Kennedy introduced the pillbox hat. Their developments paved way for the introduction of several other forms of clothing and fashion. People began dressing in mismatched patterns, highlighter colors and other unique prints such as the psychedelic prints.


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The fashion trend in the first half of 1960

In early 1960, high profile designers from Europe dictated the styles that were worn. However, young people later came to dictate the fashion as they began influencing the styles and designs. One popular group of people who impacted the fashion in the early 1960s was the rockers.

Before 1965, women wore very short skirts. The skirts were matched with tall and bright boots. Sleeveless tunics were also common during that time.

Fashion in the early years of the decade reflected the elegance of different famous individuals who lived during that time. Women suits that 1960 mod fashionhad short boxy jackets were common. The jackets have oversized buttons. The present day geometric dresses which are popularly known as shifts were also fashionable during that time. Basically, the dressing style was determined by the time of the day. In the evening, most women were dressed in evening gowns that had low décolletage and close-fitting waists. During the day, the Capri trousers were fashionable especially for casual occasions. It should also be remembered that stiletto heel shoes were popular among women.

Men were not left out either. Men normally appeared in suits that were pale. Unlike today’s suits that are bright and colorful, the existing men’s fashion during that time featured toned shades. The suits were blended with wide ties, trouser straps and leather boots. Casual dressing for men featured plaid button down shirts and pale trousers.

Late 1960s

After the introduction of mini skirt in 1964, the fashion during that decade changed forever. Short plastic raincoats, colorful swing coats were introduced in 1966. The Nehru jacket was also introduced in the fashion scene and it was normally worn by both men and women. During this period, men’s suits were very diverse in color and for the first time, the suits were fitted with the slimming. At the same time, the waistlines for women clothing was left unmarked while the hemlines began to be reduced. High heel stilettos were taken over by low heeled sandals. By 1968, the androgynous hippie look won the heart of many men and women. Bell bottomed jeans, tie-dyed shirts, headbands and workshirts began to enter the fashion industry and they were received overwhelmingly. The idea of multiculturalism was introduced as the style inspiration was mainly drawn from Nepal, India, Bali, Morocco and several other African countries.

The bottom line

The clothing style of the 1960s has a significant impact in the present day mode of dressing. A lot of aspects in the present day style have been borrowed from the decade.

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