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1970s Vintage Clothing Offers A Vast Array Of Choices

When the 1960s rolled out and the 1970s rolled in, fashion began to gradually become more fun and more carefree.

Many social changes came about in the 1970s, and these changes were reflected in clothing of the period. Some 70s fashions were quite bizarre, but they expressed a step away from the typical American family picture of working husband, housewife mom and a couple of kids. Women of the 70s were very often working women, and styles began to exhibit this fact.

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1970 mens suits

The advent of polyester made clothing care a lot easier. This easy care, no wrinkle fabric made it possible for men and women to wear all manner of brightly colored, easy-care costumes that needed only to be tossed into the washer and dryer for perfect appearance every time. With the popularity of polyester, a new product was created. Dryer sheets became an absolute necessity in all households to combat static cling.

Fun Fashion in the 1970's

Fashions were fun in the 70s and offered a lot of variety. Men wore polyester leisure suits and also jeans and boots and cowboy wear. Women wore midi skirts, long skirts, ethnic flavored apparel and accessories as well as polyester pantsuits. Culottes and split skirts also became popular as a dress alternative that allowed women more freedom of movement in the work setting.

Geometric designs were all the rage, and some very eye-boggling garments could be seen. All-in-all, the 70s carried forward the hippie look of the 60s and began building on a more modern business casual look for both men and women. Although, dazzling colors and polyester ushered the decade in, but by the end of the era muted tones, earth colors and more natural fabrics were favored. 1970's fashion

In the early 70s, low cut bell bottom pants and slacks were popular for men and women. In the mid-70s all this changed. High top pants and slacks came into vogue, and trouser legs became narrower. Although pants made a metamorphosis in terms of waistlines and leg width, a tailored fit across the hips was considered correct throughout the decade.

Mens Fashion in the 70's

Matched sets in all sorts of clothing were very popular. Men continued to wear leisure suits, while pantsuits became more popular with women. These were especially well received as office attire. Many women's pantsuits of the time looked very much like slightly feminized versions of men's suit. Women paired their pantsuits with cowled sweaters and lacy blouses, scarves and jewelry to offset this effect.
For casual dress both sexes donned coordinated track suits. Hooded robes were also quite popular for wearing around the house. Velour was a very popular fabric, and most men wore striped velour V-necked shirts in casual settings.

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For office wear and formal wear, men and women tended to wear platform shoes, boots and booties. For casual wear, athletic shoes (especially basketball high-tops) were very popular.


Accessories were very flamboyant during the 70s. Men were really given permission to break free and adorn themselves with some flare. Jewelry such as big watches and rings and medallions were common accessories for men. Men wore sideburns and big mustaches and used hair care products unashamedly.
It is easy to see that the 70s was a decade of great change in fashion and in people's roles in society. Those interested in wearing 70s vintage clothing today have a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from. Some of the patterns of the 70s, such as women's pantsuits, are quite practical and fetching even today. For this reason, many people who are able to sew make the unique personal fashion choice of resurrecting a 70s pattern in a modern fabric.