Flapper Costumes

Flapper Costumes

If you are looking for flapper costume ideas, then this is the place to be!

Before the 1920’s the established standard for properly dressed and feminine looking ladies was that of being totally covered from neck to feet. It was scandalous to show any bare skin. But all that changed with the emergence of the Flappers, young women who defied long-held rules of conduct. As a flapper girl, hemlines shot up to slightly below the knees, and heavy cotton stockings were replaced with transparent rayon material that showed off their legs. In 1920’s fashion, burlesque costumes were in. For eveningwear, dresses were still long but backless with low necklines. Its the roaring twenties!

The paradox was that although they flaunted their bodies, the new fashion made them less feminine. With these sexy costumes, waistlines dropped to the hip, causing an effect of a dress straight up and down from shoulder to hemline, eliminating contours and de-emphasizing the bust and waist. To further the effect, Flappers wrapped their chests with cotton strips to flatten their breasts and keep them from jiggling when they danced. Otherwise, anything that restricted movement was shunned for greater freedom. Pantaloons and corsets were exchanged for step-in undergarments that allowed more freedom of movement. Are you looking for a daisy from the great gatsby costume?

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Flapper costumes accessories are easy to do! Anything colorful and outlandish was the vogue. Dresses were lavishly decorated with feathers, beads and fringes. They liked wearing colorful scarves, necklaces made of layers of beads, and other pieces of jewelry that were art deco pieces. Horn-rimmed glasses and a cloche hat for daytime wear were also popular as a fashion statement. High heel shoes that were two to three inches high became very popular.


As extreme as these fashions were, it was only a small part of the “new look.” Previous to this, the Gibson girl look, the model for the proper female, was long hair flowing loosely around their shoulders. One of the first things the Flapper did to show her independence was to get a “bob” – a very short boyish haircut. Other cuts followed, including a “shingle,” that were even shorter. When they got a shingle cut, they slicked it down and wore a curl on either side of their face that covered their ears. Some waved their hair, which was completely unheard of. If you want to know how to create a flapper costume, we have flapper 1920’s fashion for women for sale, and great gatsby party attire for men.

One of the most daring things the ladies did was to start wearing makeup. It was thought that only prostitutes and very loose women wore makeup. And they weren’t demure about it either. The more garish the better. Excessive use of bright red lipstick created a “bee stung” look that became very popular. Heavily applied black eyeliner made a dark outline around their eyes. Rouge was applied liberally, although not to their knees as some people believed. And then powder finished their look. Dressing for halloween?

Even their skin was a part of their look. Pale skin had always been considered to be the most womanly look, but after Coco Chanel, a well-known fashion designer, sported a tan after spending time in the sun during a holiday, it became all the rage as a healthy look. It represented the ideal of a leisurely lifestyle where women didn’t need to work.

Flapper costumes, all-in-all, even though it was a short-lived period in American history, flapper fashions had a tremendous impact on American culture.

Why be a Flapper?

The flapper is one of the most popular Halloween and theme party costumes ever and it’s easy to tell why. Whether you’re attending a Roaring Twenties party, a cops and mobsters party, a guys-and-gals party, or countless other themes, a properly done flapper costume will put you in the limelight every single time.

The flapper was the quintessential sex symbol of the Roaring Twenties. Her bobbed hair, sharp wit, and less than appropriate language told the rest of the world that she was her own woman. And, if the look didn’t get the message across, you’d understand when she out-danced you on the dance floor, drank you under the table, or leveled you if you couldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Many women and men want to look their sexy best for Halloween. Think about it – how many times have you seen the sexy nurse or the sexy cat at a party? Let that run wild with a flapper costume at your next event. Why just dress the part when you can actually adopt an entirely different persona? Fashion in the 1920s? Use this site as a guide for your do it yourself flapper costume!


See, being a flapper meant more than just wearing the clothes. It was an attitude. The flapper could have nearly any man she wanted and she knew it. She’d drink if she wanted, smoke if she wanted, and say what she wanted. This was the girl that you probably didn’t bring home to mom but she’d show you the time of your life if you could keep up with her. Make your own flapper costume if you want to make a flapper costume easy. These are the best halloween costume ideas.

Listen doll, I know you’re looking for easy halloween costumes, but why stop at just a costume? Your next Halloween or theme party is your chance to break free of your day to day life and be someone else for a while. Times are busy and we could all use a break. Take the opportunity to be the bad girl you want to be and give being a flapper a try.

This site is a wealth of information for doing just that. See, it only starts with the costume and 1920s fashion. To fully embrace your role as a flapper we’re giving you insight into their entire world: the social and economic motivations that gave rise to their movement, their hair, their makeup, their dress, even down to the way they spoke. And, if that wasn’t enough, we’ve even touched on some of the key cultural aspects of the time like art, design, and architecture.

To truly be a flapper, you need to understand why they did what they did. You need to understand their world before they took control of it, what they wanted, and how they got it. Making a statement as a flapper was so much more than simply dressing in a way that society at the time frowned upon. It was an almost complete rejection of the restrictions of the time and a commitment to life life in your own way. Look around the site for great ideas on homemade halloween costumes, or just click the pics for quick easy flapper costume ideas.

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While they probably didn’t think of it so deeply at the time, imagine the feeling of being at the front of a complete cultural revolution! Today’s modern woman is what she is largely because of the changes that her flapper sisters brought about over 80 years ago.

This was no small load to bear. Some bore it well, others, not so much. But, in the end, the world was a drastically different place for the American woman. Have you ever asked yourself what do you need for a flapper costume? We’ll tell you how to create your own flapper costume. Or jus click any of the flapper pictures for great Halloween

Costume Ideas!

Take yourself back to that time with a flapper costume or even a speakeasy costume. Study the attitude and the language. Become a part of the glitz and glamour of the time. No matter if you do it for fun or to pay a little homage to the women who actually lived it, with these flappers costumes, you’ll be reminding those around you of an incredible time in American history. Looking for dresses from movies? Click the pics for a daisy great gatsby halloween costume.