Is your Vintage Clothing Insured ?

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If your vintage clothing insured?

For most people collecting vintage clothing is a hobby, and a passionate one at that.

Once you get the bug and hooked into the vintage clothing scene, your collection will quickly grow and grow. You will become a connoisseur of antique collectible clothing.

However you should be careful and make sure your clothing collection is adequately insured. If you have alot of clothes and they are valuable, it might be that an ordinary household contents insurance policy will not cover them.

Imagine your anguish in the nightmare scenario of a fire, when you find out your precious clothes were not covered.

Anything that can be classed as a collection needs to specified under the policy as such. Contact your Insurer and give them a complete itemised list of stock, together with individual costs to replace. Remember that a new for old policy doesn't really work in this instance, as your clothing is not new and cannot be replaced as new.

A lot of your items will be one off's and whilst you would be sad to lose them, at least make sure that the Insurance Company concerned will be giving you adequate monetary compensation.

Vintage Clothing on holiday


Do You Wear your Vintage Clothing whilst on Holiday?

You will have the same issue with a travel insurance policy . The majority of travel insurers will make a deduction for age or wear and tear. Leaving your vintage stuff to be covered under a  travel insurance policy will mean that in the event of a claim, you won't be getting much money back, if any!!

If people realise that you are wearing an expensive piece of vintage clothing, there might also be the increased risk of theft.

We say enjoy wearing your vintage clothing, but make sure that you are covered in the event of an unforseen insurable event! If you require more information go to

vintage clothing on holiday