More Women are shopping for fashion online

Online vintage clothes shopping

More Women are Shopping Online

Across the globe, women are switching from buying their clothes on the High Street to shopping online. Interestingly, not only young women are buying their clothes from the web. One of the biggest growth areas is sales to the over fifties, especially when it comes to designer clothes.
In some countries, the growth of online sales has been phenomenal. In New Zealand, people buy three times as much online as they did ten years ago. Today, they spend $4bn on the web and sales of women’s clothes online have grown particularly fast. Many of the big names now sell online and interestingly now target women in other countries. A great example of this business model is Andrea Moore.

People Want Something Different

Fashion designers are not only able to use the web to tap into their home market. There is a growing trend for people to order their clothes from abroad. They like having a better choice. It makes it far easier for people to find the clothes that they really like.
Being able to wear clothes that no one else in their circle is wearing also appeals. Buying from abroad decreases the risk of turning up to an important meeting wearing the same outfit as another woman at the table. Women know that if they buy direct from the fashion house’s website they will be buying the real thing rather than a copy. The only drawback of buying clothes from abroad is the time it takes the clothes to arrive, but modern shipping techniques mean that delivery lead times of 5 to 7 days are now typical.

This is also true of vintage fashion and clothing. Whilst it is great to search out these specialist shops and spend the day trying on the vintage 60's and 70's clothing, it is becoming much easier to purchase specialist vintage clothing online. is a classic example of a brand of vintage clothing that has several retro shops, but has made the move to online.  A similar company is

Both companies offer free returns and stock thousands of vintage clothing bargains.