What is Vintage Clothing?

What is vintage clothing?

vintage clothing

There can be some confusion between certain classes of clothing and so we have detailed below, the various terms used in relation to clothing so you can fully appreciate what you are purchasing.

Antique Clothing

There is a general consensus of opinion that clothes made prior to the 1920's are called antique clothing. Clothing made prior to the 1920's tends to be found in museums and can be very expensive because of their rarity value.

Modern or contemporary fashion

As the name suggests this is clothing made now. As stated before it is difficult to say whether an item made a year ago is now vintage clothing. I would venture to suggest that it is not yet vintage until a particular style changes over a period of several years.

Vintage Clothing1960 swimwear

Anything that has been manufactured after this date almost up to the present day can be classed as vintage clothing. There is no defined cut off point for what is modern and what is vintage. It is probably easier to say a style that had gone out of fashion. E.G. 1970's clothing would be considered vintage.

Retro or Vintage Style

What about clothing made recently but made to look like an older style? These are various terms fo this type of clothing Retro or vintage style at items of clothing that imitates as previous style or era. You can also get reproduction gear. These are newly made copies of older versions.

If you are looking for true vintage items of clothing, you will need to make sure that they are genuine and have been made during that time period. Of course the vast majority of vintage clothing will have been worn. It is very uncommon to find vintage clothing that is unworn and of course these pieces will be more expensive than those that have been worn.

Where can I find vintage clothing?

So you have decided that vintage clothing is what you are after and of course, there can be considerable savings made over modern equivalents. Then there is the fashion statement that you will be making. You will certainly stand out from the crowd!!
There are numerous places you can find vintage clothing. However your search will be that little bit harder because not only do you have to find the particular item of clothing, but you have to find the item that is in your size. It is not like you can pick up a clothing catalogue and order the size you want, you will have to do some research and detective work to find what you are looking for.

Charity Shops
These are a great place to find unusual items of vintage clothing. Not only that but because charity shops don't specialise in this area, you are more likely to bag a bargain. Places like the Sue Ryder charity shops Click here to find the nearest one to you http://www.sueryder.org/Shop-with-us/High-Street-shopping/Find-your-nearest-shop. Or oxfam http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop
You will have to keep a close eye on local shops to make sure you don't miss anything, so there will be a bit of work involved.

Second hand clothing shops
As well as second hand shops, there are now shops specialising in vintage clothing. The downside is that they will know the true price of the goods. The upside is that they tend to have lots of stock to browse through all in one place.
Places like The Vintage basement in Cheshire Street in London and Rokit Vintage Clothing www.rokit.co.uk are great places to spend hours of happy browsing

Auction sites
Auction sites like ebay and gumtree are also great places to find items of vintage clothing. The upside is that you will find hundreds if not thousands of items for sale at the touch of a button. The downside is that you cannot try any items on for size and fit. With older style clothing it is important that you can see if they will fit as styles and sizes change over the years

Vintage fashion fairs
The best and probably the most popular vintage fashion fair in London is "Frock me" It is the original vintage fair and customers can spend hours browsing through thousands of items of clothing. In fact customers range from fashion students looking for cheap stylish bargains to models and celebrities.
Frock me hold eight fairs a year. You can find out details of the latest one by clicking here

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